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XES Helsinki

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Almost every university and every city in Finland have their own entrepreneurship society. These are non-profit organisations run by activists who want to inspire people to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and skills. These entrepreneurship societies organise various FREE events, programs and activities. Many students and graduates have chosen entrepreneurial careers inspired by the knowledge gained through these events (Including us). These ES enthusiasts are making a tremendous impact on the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the whole country.

Today we will introduce Xes Helsinki, a Helsinki-based community of entrepreneurially-minded people from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. XES team encourages diversity and is proud of its international members.

“We strive to build networks that spread across borders and we aim to connect people with a mindset to grow personally and professionally. Our purpose is to inspire people about entrepreneurship, provide a platform for our members to grow and increase their professional network. We believe that with the right skill set and the possibility to test business ideas in a safe environment, many new bright entrepreneurs will rise from our society.

Xes Helsinki’s core values are diversity, impact, inclusiveness and personal growth. All of our activities and services are based on these values. Our society is open for everyone and can only grow stronger the more diverse and rich our member culture is. We want to make an impact in our members’ lives by pushing their personal growth and also in the ecosystem by developing fresh ideas and new concepts around entrepreneurship."

Already next Tuesday you can join the “Testing Tuesday” and learn more about “Employee Wellbeing In The Workplace”.

Check the information about XES Helsinki at

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