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Our Projects

International and local, online and face-to-face 

We started our operations in the middle of the pandemic crisis in February 2021, with the major aim of trying to do some meaningful and important things to support the international community which suffered the most from the isolation and lack of informational resources and integration abilities.

With diverse experience and understanding of the difficulties of being an immigrant, we focused on speaking out loud about the hidden stones of living in Finland and trying to find the solutions through the informational repository of useful resources and organisations in the Oulu area, where people could get a wide range of assistance.

Info Point


With the support of incredible people who shared our values and recognised the importance of supporting the international community, our volunteers with giant and kind hearts and our creative interns, we have done a giant work to collect inspirational stories of international talents living in Finland, experts in international matters, educational professionals and business advisors.

Inspirational Stories and Interviews

Our Ongoing Projects:

Accelerating Nordic Integration

Integration through Knowledge & Networks project aims at accelerating immigrant integration in the Nordic region by creating systematic changes that enable access to knowledge for social integration through a mentoring program, digitalization, and entrepreneurship over the course of 18 months.

The program will involve 500 participants from five different countries: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Åland.

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Art-being Family Club

A project for bringing international and local communities of Oulu together to engage through free-of-charge art activities for improving the well-being of people.

In collaboration with Creative Learning Studio.


Art for Soul

The program was created to support refugee families to overcome the crisis of relocation to Finland caused by wars and persecution in the Finnish Red Cross centre in Raahe. It includes group creative masterclasses, events and celebrations, photo sessions, crafting, cooking and self-care educational practices.

Leaf Pattern Design

Our Previous projects

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