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Viera Karam. Multilingualism and Public speaking. 1st Part

Viera Karam is a multitalented and multicultural professional who helps the international community in Oulu to start their aspiring entrepreneurial journey.

Viera is a well-known expert in a start-up scene in Oulu. She has been proactively building her career from the volunteering positions in Oulu Entrepreneurship Society, Startup Refugees and Polar Bear Pitching all the way to becoming a Business Advisor at BusinessOulu.

Watch the video to find out:

- How a passion for music and performance helped Viera to become a Polar Bear Pitching host;

- How multiculturalism became a major strength in her career development;

- Why you should not be shy to ask for what you want;

- And a bit more about Viera’s childhood and relocation to Finland.

Get inspired by Viera’s personal path in the first part of the interview and follow us not to miss the second part of the interview to get hands-on advice about starting a business in Finland.

Connect with Viera through Linkedin:

Read more about BusinessOulu here:


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