About Us 

Entrecom Enterprise Community creates a local network and community for non-capital regions of Finland. 


Entre#Oulu project focuses on community building for the Northern Ostrobothnia region. 

Have you ever felt like an outcast moving to a new city or new country?

Lonely Traveller

Don’t have enough networks and friends?

Don’t know where to find work?

Don’t know what activities are happening around you?

Don’t know what services are available for the foreigners’ support?

You have a great business idea and don’t know how to proceed?

We are here to help you!

EEC is a supportive international community of people who never stop learning. We provide one-click access to the most efficient local services, working opportunities, and learning activities. 


We focus on helping with international talents’ employment and self-employment regardless of their nationality. 

We are building the services based on the needs of our customers and encourage learning from the best experts.


We are here to tell YOUR story, to help YOU to achieve your dreams and goals, and make YOUR integration and life in Finland easier.


We invite you to explore the local working environment, develop professional skills and reach your professional goals.


We encourage you to stay and grow in Oulu!