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Viera Karam. Starting a business in Finland. 2 part.

In the second part of the interview with Viera Karam, we talked about her professional competency, particularly about starting an entrepreneurial career in Finland.

Watch the second part of the interview to find out:

  • How Viera got her current job in BusinessOulu;

  • What prerequisites are needed to start a business in Finland;

  • Do you actually need to register the business if you have a little hobby;

  • What forms of business are available for EU and non-EU citizens in Finland;

  • And what you need to consider before entering the entrepreneurial path.

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If you are considering starting an entrepreneurial career:

Connect with Viera through Linkedin:

Read more about BusinessOulu here:

Interviewer: Arina Lykova.

Interviewee: Viera Karam.


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