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Oulu Pride RY. Why do we need Pride?

This is a very important interview! We hope that it can help many people understand the importance of acceptance and love in our lives! Love and care regardless of gender and sexuality, without prejudice.

Even though now is not pride week in Oulu, it is essential to talk about these topics regardless of time or location. The LGBTQ+ community is still marginalized in some countries. The LGBTQ+ members are facing death threats, discrimination and are forced to live on the streets and end their lives only because they were brave enough to accept who they are and were not afraid to talk about it.

The 11th of October was also the National Coming Out Day! We would like to support all of you who did it and all who cannot do it still due to different circumstances! We are sincerely grateful to Oulu Pride ry especially to Minna Pallari and Kajetan Żelech-Alatarvas for this eye-opening interview. It takes a lot of courage and empathy to talk about these matters, stand out for the whole community, and organize this fantastic #Pride celebration. We have seen lots of love, unity, smiles and happiness during these celebration days!

Enjoy the interview and be ready for a change!

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