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International talents

Together with Angela Suorsa, International Student Career Guidance & Employability Designer at the University of Oulu and OAMK, we discussed international students' employment in Finland.

We hope that Angela’s interview will help international students and job seekers to understand their strength. We want you to know the people who are passionate about their work and truly care for about implementing the most efficient services for international talents in Oulu!

Angela’s empathy, deep understanding of the problems which international students might face in Finland, multidisciplinary knowledge, and a broad working experience in Finland made her an excellent expert in international talent acquisition.

Watch the first part of the interview and find out:

- Why are multidisciplinarity and adaptability so important nowadays? - How does the University of Oulu help international students with employment? - What are the differences between the employment of international and local students?

In the second part of the interview with Angela Suorsa, you will find plenty of useful tips for international talents.

- What is the difference between the employment of Finnish citizens and international talents? - Can you compete with the locals? - How to identify your strength? - What are recruiters really looking for when hiring?

Watch the video and find the answers to these and other questions about international talents’ employment!

Share your insights about job-hunting in Finland! Was it easy? Is your current job directly related to your previous working experience and degree?

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