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Verena Rentrop. Chocolate Angel.

The New Episode of Expert’s Opinion is out!

This time we talked to Verena Rentrop (she/her), a unique person and the Chocolate Angel of Finland!

Originally from Germany, Verena relocated to Finland more than 10 years ago. She spent over 12 years in Nokia and 15 years in the IT sector.

Despite her IT career, Verena is a well-known expert in the entrepreneurial world of Finland. Furthermore, she is a founder of the «Beyond Nokia» group, which has over 25 thousand members from all over the world who were connected by Nokia.

You will never forget Verena’s smile and kind heart. Her kindness and creativity brought her recognition and helped to create her own brand as a «Chocolate Angel!

Watch the video to find out:

* What is beyond Nokia?

* How did Nokia impact the whole startup ecosystem of Finland?

* What does it mean to be a Chocolate Angel?


Check the Chocolate Angel’s site here:

Meet Verena here:

Read more information about «Beyond Nokia» at the TechCrunch article here:


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