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Kitchen Table Talk. Part 2.

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

The Finnish summer in all its glory! It's a perfect time to get the vitamins from the freshest food and sunlight! The 2nd part of our new show is out!

Arina (Entre#Oulu ) Holly and Minae from Zestii want to invite you to lunch! Join us for more Kitchen Table Talk where we chat about what we are preparing and enjoy an informal family meal together. Is there a better way to relax in this amazing summer we are all enjoying than by sharing and appreciating good food and good company? We don’t think so!

In this video, you will find us in the kitchen and learn how we prepared the lamb we sourced at REKO in the last edition. You can also see us in the garden foraging for edible plants to show you how to use some of the delicious bounty growing all around us right now! It doesn’t get much more seasonal and locally produced than a dandelion leaf salad from your own backyard. Delicious doesn’t need to come from the supermarket

Bon appetite!

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