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Kitchen Table Talk. Part 1.

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Together with Zestii Kitchens, we have come together to bring you a new collaboration called Kitchen Table Talks. We will be creating a series of videos discussing an interesting variety of hot topics around our kitchen tables and preparing some delicious food to inspire you in the kitchen!

In our first KTT video, we introduce REKO, a community of local farmers and producers active all over Finland. REKO is a place where customers can connect with their local farmers and producers to buy high quality, seasonal and often sustainable produce.

Watch this first introductory video to learn more about:

  • Minae, Holly and Arina - your KTT hosts

  • REKO - how to order, some of the products available and why it’s a brilliant resource we should all be supporting!

  • A REKO sheep farmer, Satu Kumpulainen of Isokummun Luomo Oy, who has an amazing farm producing delicious meat and wonderful wool products.

In our next video Minae, Holly and Arina will cook a meal together preparing food purchased from REKO along with herbs foraged from the garden. We hope you tune in again for the next instalment in this story!

Learn more about Zestii Kitchens:

Find Reko here:

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