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Intercultural Entrepreneurship

Together with Henry Koivukangas, we discussed topics about working in #intercultural environment, #empowering women, peculiarities of running a business in #Africa, and many more.

Henry is Canadian born, with his formative years in the USA, and has work experience in five different countries. He has a passion for creating and supporting new businesses, uses his ability to motivate others to achieve their challenging goals. However, his real passion is exporting. Henry has been providing straightforward and insightful business advice to hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses over twenty years. Henry helps entrepreneurs to develop a realistic perspective, assess the market opportunities, create reasonable forecasts and produce effective short business plans. In the last five years alone he has lectured and consulted with over 3 000 clients.

Watch the video and find out why we need to "Give Finnish people a break. They are trying hard to get used to us."

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