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Cracking Entrepreneurship

Laurent Notin is an Entrepreneur, Coach & Trainer for entrepreneurs, a Podcast Host, and an advisor at XES Helsinki. Despite being a wise man, fun guy and outstanding interlocutor.

It’s more than an interview. It a guide for every person who is thinking about entrepreneurship as a way of living. If you are at the beginning of this journey, spend 25 minutes of your life before jumping deep into this world. There are many things you must consider.

First of all, does it really the passion of your life? What are the reasons behind? Are you ready to fail?

Watch the video and find out:

- Why entrepreneurship is not for everyone;

- Who can succeed on this journey;

- Why failing is good;

- Why entrepreneurship is so popular nowadays.

Visit Laurent’s website:

Listen to the podcast Inter:views:

Follow on LinkedIn, Instagram & Twitter: @laurentnotin

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