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Educational training

Our concept provides comprehensive educational training focused on adaptation, self-development, social cohesion, and personal and professional growth. Through diverse courses and workshops, participants gain skills, knowledge, and tools to navigate dynamic environments confidently. Emphasizing adaptability, resilience, and practical techniques for self-improvement, our programs empower individuals to embrace challenges and seize opportunities


Our educational programs are always free of charge for our end customers - international talents living in Finland!

Classmates in Library



Different techniques of visual art: painting, collaging, appliques etc. We will work with different materials, colours and senses. 


Entrepreneurial education

Movements give freedom to your body and mind. It helps to express your passion and fears, your strength and weakness without judgement. It balances us and breaks psychological blocks. 

In a Meeting
Notebook and Pen


Personal development

Sometimes, our deepest fears and private thoughts we can share only with paper and pen. Words can help us to structure ideas, express feelings, and send secret messages between the lines.

Our projects

"Embark on dynamic educational training to unlock your potential and thrive in today's fast-paced world. Join us for growth, innovation, and endless possibilities!"

Accelerating Nordic Integration

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The Nordic Acceleration Program for Integration through Knowledge & Networks seeks to make the Nordic region the most sustainable and integrated in the world by 2030, with a focus on social sustainability. 


The program aims to enhance the integration of immigrants in the Nordics through a blended program that includes peer mentoring, network development, and education on Nordic culture and leadership for active citizenship, as well as entrepreneurship and digitalization for self-employment.

Nordic Social Entrepreneurship 3.0.

Nordic Social Entrepreneurship 3.0.jpg

NSE 3.0 is a blended educational training program designed to upskill and reskill adult learners with competencies, knowledge, and tools to fast prototype and test human-centered and digital technology-powered solutions to their own current local societal and economic challenges.

If you want to arrange educational training for your team, please contact us.

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This sounds wonderful. Lucky people of Oulu to have this beautiful free, inclusive resource!

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