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Creative Wellbeing

We are committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment that embraces diversity and promotes social cohesion. Our Creative Wellbeing Workshops are specifically designed to support integration, adaptation, and enhance the quality of life for our international community, accessible both locally in Finland and globally via online platforms.

Art Class

We've arranged over

320 workshops

to improve your creativity,confidence and wellbeing.


Explore self-care and love through different forms of art and mindfulness practices!

Image by Jr Korpa


Visual Art

Drawing, collaging, appliques etc. We will work with different materials, colours and senses. 



Movements give freedom to your body and mind. It helps to express your passion and fears, your strength and weakness without judgement. It balances us and breaks psychological blocks. 

Grey Beach Shores
Notebook and Pen



Sometimes, our deepest fears and private thoughts we can share only with paper and pen. Words can help us to structure ideas, express feelings, and send secret messages between the lines.



We believe in the power of mindfulness to enhance productivity and well-being. Our programs are designed to help individuals and organizations tap into their inner awareness and develop emotional intelligence, communication and resilience. 


Our projects

We're thrilled to embark on a journey of learning and growth with you. Explore our diverse range of resources and activities designed to inspire curiosity, foster creativity, and ignite a passion for lifelong learning. Together, let's unlock the doors to knowledge and empower ourselves to reach new heights. Let the adventure begin!

Art-Being Family club

Art-being Family Club is a project for bringing international and local communities together to engage through art activities to improve the well-being of Oulu residents.

It is a series of art and well-being sessions for families with kids and adults where people can play, improvise, socialize and develop creative ways of thinking and living. Art is a powerful instrument to reduce anxiety, loneliness, stress, and social and language boundaries. At the same time, it unites people and promotes confidence, happiness, empathy and self-expression. Art is the language that everyone can speak and share unique cultural values.

Rediscovery Exhibition


"Rediscovery" is a heartwarming exhibition that beautifully reflects the diverse tapestry of Oulu's community, celebrating the vibrant interplay of the cultural heritage of our participants. It's all about their journey of finding themselves again after moving to a new country, learning a different language, and adjusting to a new way of life. We welcome you to discover the unique beauty that these individuals have brought with them from all over the world to Oulu.

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Art for Soul

Art For Soul.webp

The program was created to support refugee families to overcome the crisis of relocation to Finland caused by wars and persecution in the Finnish Red Cross centre in Raahe. It includes group creative masterclasses, events and celebrations, photo sessions, crafting, cooking and self-care educational practices.

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Peaceful mind

Peaceful Mind.webp

When wars, crises and terror attacks hit us unexpectedly, the shock is so big and the level of stress is so high that even if we can be personally not involved in what is happening, our psychic cannot cope with the tragic news. Therefore, we developed anti-crisis emergent well-being assets in a private supportive environment.

March, 2022.

If you want to arrange the creative wellbeing session for your team, please, contact us

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I am infinitely grateful for meeting with the loving, wise, kind, sympathetic, understanding and accepting person, Arina. Her projects delight, fill, motivate, help to deal with emotions ethically, cope with fears, and transform your attitudes. I am happy that I participated and will continue to participate in her projects like "Art for the Soul" (adult group and parent plus child group).

Olesya, Raahe 

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