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Nordic Social Entrepreneurship 3.0.

NSE 3.0 is a blended educational training program designed to upskill and reskill adult learners with competencies, knowledge, and tools to fast prototype and test human-centered and digital technology-powered solutions to their own current local societal and economic challenges.

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​The development partners are Nordics experts in the fields of innovation, social entrepreneurship, and educational technologies.

ClanedGroup, a Finnish education technology firm; Social Entrepreneurs Denmark, a non-profit organization creating social value and developing social entrepreneurship ecosystem; Oslo International Hub, a startup incubator and innovation office in Oslo; and Folkuniversitetet in Blekinge, a liberal and popular education institution with a presence in all of Sweden. The development of this program is granted by the Nordic Ministers Council and The Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

Nordic Social Entrepreneurship 3.0.


For whom: For innovators and dreamers, Startups and NGOs, individual entrepreneurs and communities, sustainability enthusiasts and social service providers and future social entrepreneurs.


Participation: You can join the course individually or as a team. Participation is free of charge!


Places are limited, please ensure your participation and commitment.

Duration: 4 weeks 19.04.2021 - 10.05.2022.


Registration:  Here


Join the group:


Course structure: The program consists of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises. We will be learning by doing. By taking the actions, you will be amazed by how your dreams and thoughts will become a reality.

In order to complete the course, skyrocket your idea, and receive the certificate, you are required to complete the assignment in relation with the current state of your innovation's development.


Group sessions:

19/4: Introduction & understanding the problem  & ideate 

28/4: Deciding & Prototyping-MVP

03/5: Testing & Pitching  

10/5: Pitching & Feedback 


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