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Entre Concept

 «Entre» is a wordplay for «entrerprise» and «enter». We invite you to explore and «enter» Oulu together with us. We want you to get familiar with various learning and working possibilities that you can find here or remotely all around Finland.

You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to join us. But we want you to be curious and be ready to learn. Entrepreneurial skills and mindset are valuable in many aspects of our life. Thinking like an entrepreneur means to be able to solve problems, to be flexible and determined.

Even though this group’s primary language is English, you are free to talk to each other in any languages. Don’t forget that Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn  (as well as many browsers) have a translation option.

«International» is not equal to «foreign». This community was made for people of any nationalities and backgrounds.

Entrepreneurship is not our main and the only topic. We will talk about different important subjects, such as internationalisation, education, trends, D&I, equality, employment, and self-development.

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